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From Sue Hadden of A2D2 Indivisible:
On Feb 3, the MI House GOP approved a $3 billion Covid relief plan that would use nearly $2 billion in federal school funding as leverage in an attempt to force policy concessions by Gov. Whitmer. Big Gretch is asking them to approve a $5.6 billion plan that would utilize ALL federal funding made available to the state by Congress.
What can we do in Washtenaw County?
Ask your family or friends to call their Republican Reps and especially these reps.
Wyoming and Bryon Township (Rep Tommy Brann- (517) 373-2277 TommyBrann@house.mi.gov)
Kent County, Rockford, Granville area (Rep Mark Huizenga-(517) 373-8900 MarkHuizenga@house.mi.gov)
Midland area (Rep… More

Michigan Politics Tracker | House passes budget challenging Whitmer; Meijer defends impeachment


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