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Meanwhile– Michigan Republican party selects ardent Trump supporters as their new leaders

Ron Weiser, a wealthy real estate developer and supporter of Donald Trump, as well as a major donor to and regent of the University of Michigan, has been selected to chair the Michigan Republican Party. His choice for vice-chair was Meshawn Maddock, who formed the Michigan Conservative Coalition and is the head of Women for Trump in Michigan. Also elected to leadership positions were two other women, who along with Maddock formed the group Michigan Trump Republicans. The group organized rallies and caravans across Michigan to support Trump’s re-election. Maddock was a vocal opponent of the Michigan election results. She spoke at a Trump rally in Washington on Jan. 5 and had organized dozens of Trump supporters headed to the rally on January 6.

Though Weiser was opposed by Laura Cox, the previous chair, who claims that Weiser had spent $200,000 in party funds “as a payoff to get a candidate out of the race for secretary of state in 2018,” Weiser won by a 2–1 margin. Weiser stated, “The skirmishes of yesterday are over. Our focus now rests on the great challenges before us: rebuilding our party,” and defeating Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and other Democratic state officials he called “far left radicals.” – NYTimes tinyurl.com/88pdedda

Strong Trump Supporters Picked to Head Michigan Republican Party

The state’s selection of party chair and vice chair hinged in large part on who was most loyal to the former president.

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