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A CNN article on Michigan’s alarming surge in Covid cases offers no simple answer. At a time when Michigan’s rate of COVID is the highest in the nation, the state is slowly reopening businesses. The surge seems to be consistent, rising across racial and ethnic lines. However, it does demonstrate the efficacy of the vaccination as the rate of infection seems to be rising primarily among younger, mostly unimmunized age groups (30-39 and 20-29 age groups). Almost 60% of the new cases were infected with the B1.17 variant, the more contagious and deadlier variety of the virus.
Governor Whitmer has been criticized for her relaxing of restrictions when her state is the hot spot for Covid in the nation. “I have been sued by my Legislature, I have lost in a Republican-controlled (Michigan) Supreme Court, and I don’t have all of the exact same tools,” Whitmer explained to Chuck Todd. Elsewhere, she’s spoken of Covid-fatigue on the part of Michiganders. Perhaps, after right-wing zealots threatened to kidnap and kill her, she has Covid fatigue as well. https://cnn.it/3dNuX7I

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