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DC statehood would give full rights of citizenship to 712,000 Americans — express your support
Washington, DC is a historically Black city, with Blacks being 47% of the population. And although DC’s 712,000 residents pay taxes, vote in elections, serve in the military and carry out all the responsibilities of American citizenship, they have little say in the regulation of their city; the Federal Government solely holds that power, including affecting local laws, city funding and its operations. Read more of this PEG Exclusive, written by DC native and PEG contributor, Mieko Preston. https://bit.ly/31CxNpl

Take Action!
Express your support for HR 51 and urge both U.S. Representatives and Senators to support statehood for the 712,000+ residents of Washington, DC. Watch a short clip where Congressional members show wide support for DC statehood, which has set the groundwork for the Senate and the Biden Administration’s approval. https://bit.ly/2R3aUtf



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