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Voter Suppression Alert 2: SB303
Despite a longstanding and admired voter suppression system which allows voters without certain government-issued IDs to sign an affidavit asserting who they are, GOP state senators are promoting SB303 which would remove this affidavit option from voters. Thousands use this
option in every election, and the exclusion of these voters could decide close elections.
Voters most likely to use this option are young and elderly voters, the socially and economically disadvantaged, people of color, people who don’t drive, or those who forgot their wallet.
Voting is the constitutional right of every American eighteen and older. It should not be dependent on the type of ID.
SB303 will hurt Michigan voters. Please call your state representative and senator. Look up their contact information at this link. Then call 5 friends who may think that new restrictions on IDs for voting are no big deal.


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