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Voter Suppression Alert for Michiganders
Republican State Senators plan to evade Whitmer’s Veto
Republican State Senators have proposed 30+ bills (Senate Bills 273–311) whose net effect would suppress Michiganders’ access to voting.

Aware that Governor Whitmer will veto these bills, the GOP legislators plan to circumvent her veto through a petition. (Michigan is one of two states which allows a successful petition, one which consists of signatures of 8% of the votes garnered by the Governor in the last election, to become law.) Thus, if the GOP collects 340,047 signatures, their bills will become law.

Their measures — demanding voter ID, and restricting drop boxes, postage for absentee ballots, and new voting machines among other items — are designed to make it increasingly difficult for the poor and people of color to vote.

This is a serious abrogation of democracy: Governor Whitmer won by about 2.3 million votes, yet 340,047 signatures could negate the authority granted to her by the majority of voters. – Bridge


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