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Another voter suppression bill
This week, the State Senate will vote on SB273 which has the potential to eliminate drop boxes for absentee ballots throughout Michigan.This bill will require approval of the 4-member Board of Canvassers, comprised of 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans. Although this bill appears innocuous enough, if a majority of the members don’t vote for all the dropboxes, then all will be removed throughout the state, which would severely impede the voting of the disabled, seniors, rural residents and hardworking Michiganders throughout the state. Call your Senator and ask him or her to vote against this bill. Or call these Republican senators who seem most receptive to this request:

*Ed McBroom (R-38,UP) (517) 373-7840
Jim Stamas (R-36, Clare) (517) 373-7946
*Wayne Schmidt (R-37, Grand Traverse) (517) 373-2414
Jim Runestad (R-15, South Lyon) (517) 373-1758
Mike MacDonald (R-10, Macomb ) (517) 373-7315


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