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Voter suppression is bad. But this tactic is even worse!
It is “an insurance policy to potentially steal the election if the vote-suppression strategy fails.”
Since the last presidential election, we have heard of these terrible laws to make it more difficult to vote. It gets even worse. There is a backup plan in case voters vote regardless of the new draconian state laws.

“In 2021, state legislatures across the country — through at least 148 bills filed in 36 states — are moving to muscle their way into election administration, as they attempt to dislodge or unsettle the executive branch and/or local election officials who, traditionally, have run our voting systems.”

“Had these bills been in place in 2020,” the report found, “they would have significantly added to the turmoil that surrounded the election, and they would have raised the alarming prospect that the outcome of the presidential election could have been decided contrary to how the people voted.” Read more about the potential Big Steal of 2024

Opinion | Voter suppression is bad. But this tactic is even worse.


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