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Sunday, May 2, 7 pm. Conversations!
Chuck Newman will interview Thomas Zurbuchen, the Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA and get an insider’s view of NASA’s achievements and plans. As fascinating as that will be with the missions on Mars and elsewhere, his own story is equally riveting.
Do yourself a big favor and check out his inspiring documentary https://youtu.be/2pov_bBZbxc . As the son of a preacher in a fundamentalist church in Switzerland he wasn’t encouraged to go to college, and yet his burning need to answer some of life’s biggest questions resulted in his becoming one of the world’s greatest and most impactful scientists.

Please share this invitation to this interview as more people deserve to be inspired by what they learn. They will thank you for it. Send questions for Dr. Zurbuchen to Chuck@Lba80.com. Click here to join the Zoom Event.

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