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Support fair pay for essential workers
The 2021 Michigan budget contained a pay increase of $2.25 for the direct care workers who provide the most valuable Medicaid-funded-in-home care, behavioral health and long-term care services to Michigan’s most vulnerable residents. This pay increase was extended to September, 2021, but it isn’t included in the Michigan House budget proposal for 2022. By contrast, the Senate budget proposal increases the pay of these workers to $2.35 per hour. Governor Whitmer and the Senate agree on the need to continue this pay increase for these essential workers.

Please call members of Michigan’s House of Representatives and ask them to support this hourly wage increase for Michigan’s most essential workers. The following names are the Republicans who seem most receptive to this request.
Mark Tisdel (R)
(517) 373-1773
Ryan Berman (R)
(517) 373-1799
Gary Howell (R)
(517) 373-1800
Timothy Beson (R)
(517) 373-0158

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