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Wednesday, May 19. Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission update
It’s time for the public to give input to the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission to assist in the redistricting process. The Commission is hosting hearings throughout the state starting May 11 to hear from self-identified Communities of Interest – i.e., any geographic group with shared interests that doesn’t want to be split up in the new redistricting. A2D2 is hosting a discussion with Lisa Jevens, a volunteer for Voters Not Politicians and an A2D2 steering committee member, who will update attendees on the redistricting process, the public hearings and how to prepare testimony as a group. Join A2D2 for the opportunity to ask questions about how (and why) to participate in the redistricting process. Jevens will be joined by fellow VNP volunteer Sandy Sorini-Elser. via Zoom Meeting ID: 213 620 7441, Passcode: FOMU. 7 pm


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