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Though the vote count is not yet finalized, it appears that Governor Newsom (Democrat) garnered a 2:1 margin on the question of whether he should continue as governor of California. On the question of who should be governor if Newsom were recalled, a conservative Republican candidate, Larry Elder, won more than 45% of the vote amongst the 46 candidates.
According to a CNN analysis, there were notable “hits and misses.”
Gavin Newsom – the convincing victory gives him a boost both for the remainder of his term and for his near-certain bid for a second term. National office is also on his mind.
Larry Elder – With 47% of the vote amongst 46 candidates on the second question, he effectively mobilized the Trumpist base of the party. Elder has a future in GOP politics in California.
Polling – For this election the polls were on target!
Democratic strategists – Shining a light on Elder as a Donald Trump clone, energized the Democratic base. This might be a strategy in upcoming elections.
Coronavirus competence – Newsom had turned his messaging in the final days of the campaign to one centered on his competence in dealing with the virus. President Biden was most certainly watching!
The California recall process – With a cost of around $300 million and a 2:1 election margin, the recall process needs to be reviewed and revised to make it more difficult to initiate a recall.
Establishment Republicans – The problem for Republicans is they had no one with cross-party appeal. “That Elder, a conservative talk radio show host, emerged as the strongest Republican candidate speaks primarily to how incredibly weak the GOP bench in the state actually is.”
With a strong turnout by the base, the Democratic party was able to heave a sigh of relief!

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