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According to The Gander Newsroom, the historic bipartisan “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” that President Biden signed this week, will bring projects to our state that Governor Whitmer stated “will make a huge difference in people’s lives.” Some of those improvements include:

  1. “Fixing those Damn Roads” — Michigan will no longer have to rely on just quick fixes for roads and bridges. The infrastructure bill will bring the single largest investment in bridges since the construction of the interstate highway system.
  2. Clean Drinking Water ­­— There will be funding directed towards replacing lead pipes and improve overall water infrastructure.
  3. Charging the Future of Electric Vehicles — Investment in building a network of electric vehicles across the state. This will be part of a national network of chargers to improve long-distance travel.
  4. High-Speed Internet — With more than 1.2 million households in Michigan without permanent internet access, and 300,000 – 400,000 students lacking access during the pandemic, this investment in internet access is essential. Rural areas are particularly impacted by lack of broadband coverage.
  5. Shifting Weather Patterns — Extreme weather events and climate change caused $5 billion in damage between 2010-2020. Funding will be provided to improve preparedness measures and overhauling infrastructure.
  6. Making Commuting Easier and Healthier — Michigan is expecting to see about $1 billion over five years that will be directed towards improving public transit across the state.

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