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Be part of the commemoration, not only to remind yourself of what is at stake, but to serve as a model to others in your life who may not understand or appreciate the significance of the events of January 6th.
The first anniversary of the victory of democracy over autocracy (or worse) on January 6th will take place on Thursday of this week. If you have not already made plans to commemorate January 6th, check out Defend Democracy’s website, which lists hundreds of in-person and virtual events. Speaker Pelosi has arranged for a series of events in Washington D.C., including a moment of silence in the House, remarks by President Biden and Vice-President Harris.
CNN will host a two-hour special at 8 pm EST that will include live interviews with members of the House and the Capitol Police about their experiences on January 6.
On DemCast, Americans across race, place, party, and background are holding more than 175 events throughout the country to say, “In America, the voters decide the outcome of elections. The promise of democracy is not a partisan issue but a calling that unites us as Americans.”
The January 6th attack by right-wing militants demonstrates the dangers facing our nation and only further underscores the urgency with which we need to transform our political system into one that works for all Americans.
We must stand together in this moment –– we need to keep up the momentum for our freedom to vote. Coming together, we can prevent another attack and realize the promise of democracy for all of us — no matter our color, zip code, or income — so we all have an equal say in the decisions that shape our daily lives and futures.
Field Team 6 is hosting a nationwide virtual postcard writing event focused on flippable districts. Register here.
We the People has created a site that focuses on vigils, voter registration, and passing voting rights legislation. Find an event here.
The Contra Costa Civic Theater is hosting a Zoom presentation of a reading of “Running for My Life,” which is based on interviews with 23 women Representatives who were in the House on January 6th. “Their recollections form the narrative for this powerful and unique insight into recent events.” RSVP here.
Defenders of Democracy Against Disinformation (DDAD) is coordinating events in seven states with 19 organizations. The group’s newsletter provides links to social media messages that can be posted, shared, and retweeted by going to DDAD’s Twitter,Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.
The Civics Center is holding a workshop (via Zoom) on January 6 at 7 pm EST to help volunteers organize voter registration drives in high schools. What better way to teach the lesson of January 6th than by registering the next generation of voters?

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