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Request an absentee ballot application

To use the Online Absent Voter Ballot application tool below, you need to be registered to vote in Michigan and have a valid Michigan driver’s license or state ID. If you need to register to vote, click on Registering To Vote.” If you don’t have a Michigan driver’s license or state ID but you are registered to vote, go to Absentee Voting for more information on how you can apply for an absent voter ballot. If you have a Michigan Driver’s License or State ID you can submit an online application at Michigan.Gov/Vote. Residents can apply in person at the City Clerk’s office on the second floor of City Hall, 301 E. Huron St. Also, the State of Michigan’s “Voter Information Center” has links to check voter registration, check for polling place, apply for an absentee ballot, and more:


If you are NOT ON THE PERMANENT ABSENTEE VOTERS LIST, you must initiate a request for an absentee ballot. This year the Secretary of State will NOT send out an absentee ballot application to every registered Michigan voter. This is different from the 2020 election which was an exception due to Covid!

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