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On Wednesday, May 8th, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist were in Ann Arbor, touting their accomplishments as the chief executives of our state. Their many accomplishments include fixing 20,000 miles of roads, 1,200 bridges, passing safer gun laws, and upgrading drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater facilities. Gilchrist quipped that they rolled back the tax on retirement benefits so his father can stop complaining about that.

They’re not running for office this election cycle. However, they emphasized the importance of maintaining the Democrats’ majority in the Michigan State Senate and House so they can continue reversing the right-wing legislation of previous GOP administrations.

The States Project ( is a group whose mission coincides with Whitmer and Gilchrist’s message, promoting attention and donations to the state houses, the sites of bread-and-butter legislation that impacts our lives in concrete ways. As they post on their website, “Everything We Care About Starts In The States.” They use Michigan as a case study.

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