Action Circles (AC) are groups of about 10  individuals who each pledge to volunteer in the next 12 months for organizations or causes that believe that all Americans deserve to be treated equally and with acceptance.  PEG has created a list of organizations, causes and events that have been evaluated to be effective and well-run. This list can be used by individuals when deciding the organizations to which they want to donate money or for whom they want to volunteer. These could include PEG, referendum campaigns and activities PEG endorses. PEG also provides a list of volunteer opportunities.

At Action Circles meetings, members’ successes will be celebrated, challenges discussed and new volunteer opportunities presented.

Action Circle members are encouraged to recruit other Action Circle members and will be honored and recognized for their support. (The option to remain anonymous is also available.) Each AC will have a facilitator who will facilitate the group’s meetings. Meetings might have a presentation from one of our organizations, or one speaking to a PEG initiative.

While a Action Committee member is free to support any of the endorsed organizations, PEG will try to form Action Circles where its members share a common passion, e.g. ending gerrymandering, registering voters, working on campus or at festivals, or supporting a specific endorsed organization.