Voting Rights and Fair Elections

Fair Elections with unimpeded Voting Rights, Freedom of Speech, Press and Media, Promoting Access to the Ballot, Fighting Voter Suppression, Criminal Re-enfranchisement, The Voting Rights Act, Gerrymandering, Campaign Finance Reform

Freedom of the Press, Photographers’ Rights

Free Speech

Internet Speech, Student Speech and Privacy, Employee Speech and Whistleblowers, Intellectual Property, Rights of Protesters, Artistic Expression

Privacy and Technology

Internet Privacy, Location Tracking, Privacy at Borders and Checkpoints, Medical and Genetic Privacy, Surveillance Technologies, Workplace Privacy


Governmental non-discrimination. Equal treatment of women, LGBTQ, racial and ethnic minorities, religions and members of religious groups, immigrants, refugees, the disabled

Women’s Rights

Pregnancy and Parenting Discrimination, Violence Against Women, Women’s Rights in the Workplace, Women’s Rights in Education, Women and Criminal Justice

Fair Treatment of Refugees and Immigrants

ICE and Border Patrol Abuses, Road to Citizenship, Deportation and Due Process, State and Local Immigration Laws, Asylum for Refugees

  Racial Justice

Race and Criminal Justice, Race and Economic Justice, Race and Inequality in Education, Affirmative Action, American Indian Rights, Discriminatory Profiling, Environmental and Climate justice

Disability Rights

Disability Rights and Criminal Justice, Disability Rights and Education, Integration and Autonomy of People with Disabilities, HIV

LGBT Rights

LGBT Parenting, LGBT Relationships, LGBT Youth, LGBT Nondiscrimination Protection,  Transgender Rights, Criminal Justice Reform for LGBT People

Religious Liberty and Separation of Church and State

Religious Liberty, Religion and Public Schools, Using Religion to Discriminate, Free Exercise of Religion


Equal treatment by law enforcement, courts, and the criminal justice system

Mass Incarceration

Privatization of Criminal Justice, Fiscal Cost of Mass Incarceration, Alternatives to Incarceration, Unnecessary Incarceration, Clemency and Pardons, Secrecy

Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice

Prisoners’ Rights

Medical and Mental Health Care, Solitary Confinement, Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Conditions,Civil Liberties in Prison, Women in Prison

Capital Punishment

Execution Methods, Innocence and the Death Penalty, Mental Illness and the Death Penalty, Prosecutorial Misconduct and Capital Punishment, Racial Disparities and Capital Punishment

National Security and Due Process

Privacy and Surveillance, Detention, Military Commissions, Torture, Targeted Killing


Equal opportunity to earn a livelihood, and to work under fair labor practices and equitable taxation

Fair Labor Practices and Access to Employment

Human Rights and Labor Trafficking

Vital Public Services

Availability to all of the essential services of Health, Education, Transportation, Housing, Utilities, Livable Environment, Food and Nutrition, Public Safety, and Recreation, overseen by an honest and uncorrupt government


Reproductive Freedom, Abortion, Birth Control, Religion and Reproductive Rights, Abstinence-Only Curricula

Access to Education and Rights of Students