Instructions for Applying for Your Absentee Voter Ballot

In 2018, Michigan’s voters changed our state constitution to allow all of us to vote absentee (by mail from home). All you have to do is fill out and turn in(or mail) your absentee voter ballot once – and from now on, you’ll receive your absentee voter application in the mail before every election.

Here’s how to sign up so you can have your ballots mailed to you, and vote from home at your convenience before Election Day:

1. How to get and complete your Absentee Voter Application

Click here to see your application form from Michigan’s Secretary of State. All you need to do is print it, sign it, and return it (by mail or in person) to your county clerk (Click here for the mailing address for your clerk). Note that you have to sign and date the form in order to receive your ballot. AND, be sure to check section 3b – that way, your absentee ballot form will automatically be sent to you before every election.




Click here for a blank application form where you can fill in your address and telephone number. Remember to print, sign and date the form, and to check section 3b so you’ll automatically receive an absentee ballot application before every election!


2. How to Submit Your Application for an Absentee Ballot

After you have printed, signed and dated your form (and checked section 3b!) you can either mail or take your application in person to the appropriate clerk for your area. (Click here for the name and address of your clerk)


3. Submit your application by mail:

Sadly, you cannot submit your application online – so, put it in an envelope addressed to your clerk, add postage, and mail it using the US Postal Service or another service of your choice.




4. Deliver your application in person to your clerk’s office.

Can’t get to the post office or the clerk’s office yourself? Not a problem – someone else can mail or deliver your application for you. Either a member of your immediate family, someone living in your home, or a friend you designate (the friend must be a registered voter) can mail or deliver your application for you. If someone mails or delivers your absentee voter ballot application for you, they need to sign and return the certificate at the bottom of the application.