Thursday, September 10, 2020. Meet “PEGGY”, the Voting Expert

2.1 Million Michiganders have already requested a ballot for the November 3 election. That is great news. However, lots of questions are cropping up about voting in this historic election. PEGGY (Protectors of Equality in Government Gives You) Advice is a collaboration between the PEG newsletter team, local clerks, and researched state guidelines to address some of the questions we hear the most. Beginning next week, PEG’s new team member, “PEGGY” will answer questions in each newsletter. If you have a question about voting that you would like to see addressed, please contact PEGGY at


Thursday, September 17. PEGGY Advice: Dear PEGGY – How do I know what signature is on file?

I had a name change recently. I think I changed it, but I can’t remember if I did for sure. I am planning to vote from home and don’t want my ballot to be rejected. Is there a way that I can check what my official signature looks like for voting? Is there a way to do that online or another way?
Confused Carl, Michigan
Dear Confused Carl,
First, let me commend you for taking the initiative to find out this information. Almost 800 ballots were rejected in the August Primary Election because the signature did not match. My advice is that you visit your local clerk’s office and look at their voter registration card. You will need to bring in your photo ID. Many people have their voter signatures imported from the drivers license file so the person might look at their driver’s license and know what their voter registration signature is.


Thursday, September 24. PEGGY Mourns Ruth Bader Ginsberg

PEGGY is mourning with the rest of us across the globe today. As we mourn the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg during these very polarized times, we need to remember her life and her commitment to fight for the “we” disregarded 200 years ago. Nor did she give into personal challenges—the death of her beloved husband and the various cancers that plagued her during her final decades.
In her memory, we must maintain our fight, never capitulating to those who would silence us or take away our rights— to vote and otherwise — as provided in the Constitution. Be sure to tune into PEGGY’s Advice column next week!

Thursday, October 1. PEGGY Talks Postage

I’m so confused! I have lived in Ann Arbor and, with the exception of my time out of state as an undergrad, have always lived here. I’m what many refer to as a “townie.” I just received my Absentee Ballot and I want to be extra careful I don’t do anything that would have my ballot rejected.
Here’s my issue: On the back of the blue-and-white envelope that I took out of my mailbox, there are two options for “How to Return Your Ballot.” The first is to drop off the ballot at the local clerk’s office of drop box (in your jurisdiction). The second is to mail the ballot and indicates “Postage required.” BUT, on my green-and-white return envelope, the spot where you would normally put a stamp says, “No postage necessary if mailed in the United States.” What’s the story?? Postage or no postage for sending my Absentee Ballot back to the clerk???
Townie Terry, Michigan
Dear Townie Terry,
Ann Arbor is a wonderful place with many resources. Unfortunately, the stamp issue is different and decided upon separately in each jurisdiction across the state of Michigan. Ann Arbor residents do not need to apply a stamp, but in other jurisdictions it might be necessary. Over 6,400 ballots were rejected in the August Primary Election because they were late to the clerk’s office. We definitely do not want you to lose your vote, your voice, or your power because of a misunderstanding about postage! I recommend that you check with the clerk in your jurisdiction if you see conflicting messages. You can find your clerk by going to

Thursday, October 8. Dear PEGGY – My phone is ringing off the hook!

Help!! I am getting so-o-o-o many unsolicited phone calls about the election, and I know some of them are full of lies. And some are even intimidating! What can I do?? Should I report them? If so, to whom??
Frustrated Freeda, Michigan
Dear Freeda,
The good news is that Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is well aware of efforts to inundate voters with misinformation and sow distrust. She is warning voters to be vigilant and seek out reliable information. In addition, “if voters receive an election-related call (or text) with information they believe is misleading or meant to suppress voting, they are asked to report it to and, if possible, to provide:
1) the recipient’s phone number,
2) the recipient’s carrier,
3) the robocall’s caller-ID number,
4) exact time an date of robocall, and
5) a recording of the message.”
Be on your guard!! – Michigan SOS. In addition, Michigan is partnering with the national effort against voter intimidation at the polls. If you see something, tell the poll workers, document the occurrence and call 866-Our-Vote [(866) 687-8683] where there will be attorneys available. If you see something, say something!


Thursday, October 15. PEGGY is singing her way to the ballot box

PEGGY wants to remind everyone that there is just a little over two weeks until Election Day. To be safe, we are using November 3 as the deadline day rather than voting day. You CAN REGISTER TODAY and you CAN VOTE TODAY in Michigan. So why wait? Need a little motivation?
The PEG Newsletter Team pulled together a playlist of some of their favorite songs. Click on the corresponding titles to listen to them or add them to your playlist or copy and paste the whole list into a safe place so that you can listen to them at your leisure.
  1. The Liar Tweets Tonight – Roy Zimmerman
  2. Americans – Janelle Monae
  3. I Give You Power – Arcade Fire ft. Mavis Staples
  4. The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Bob Dylan
  5. Tiny Hands – Fiona Apple
  6. We Shall Overcome – Joan Baez
  7. We March – Prince
  8. Vote –Jhene’ Aiko
  9. We Shall Overcome – Louis Armstrong
  10. Vote–Miguel

Thursday, October 22. “Vote early or you will turn into a pumpkin.” – PEGGY

We all know what happened to Cinderella’s horse and carriage at the stroke of midnight? That’s right; they turned into a pumpkin. PEGGY doesn’t want that to happen to you! To be safe, PEGGY is encouraging all of us to use November 3 as the deadline day rather than voting day. You CAN REGISTER TODAY and you CAN VOTE TODAY in Michigan. So why wait?
And, since we are on the topic of pumpkins, please use the following voting-themed, pumpkin-carving templates to spice up your fall outdoor decor!
For free PDF pumpkin carving templates that you can download and print, visit Trick or Vote.


Thursday, October 29. 

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