DC Statehood would give full rights of citizenship to 712,000 Americans

DC is a historically Black city and Black people still make 47% of the population. And although DC’s 712,000 residents pay taxes, vote in elections, serve in the military and carry out all the responsibilities of American citizenship, they have little say in the regulation of their city; the Federal Government solely holds that power, including affecting local laws, city funding and its operations. 

CENSUS – the ongoing saga of delayed results and the impact on the 2022 election

date changes have created angst for the political parties and its’ constituencies and placed states in difficult positions to legally and accurately complete their responsibilities.  Some states have constitutional deadlines for redistricting and/or statutory filing deadlines for primaries.

Michigan’s redistricting commission will hold an open meeting at 1 PM on March 5th to discuss the conflict between when Census data will be available and constitutional deadlines. Complicating matters, voting rights advocates have said, is that this will be the first redistricting cycle since the Supreme Court eliminated the preclearance requirement of the Voting Rights Act that required states with a history of racial discrimination to prove to the Department of Justice that their electoral maps weren’t drawn to dilute the power of voters of color. The shortened redistricting window leaves less time to challenge maps in the courts as discriminatory.


Rise in Hate Crimes on Asian Americans

Shortly after his Inauguration, President Joe Biden signed a memorandum denouncing xenophobia and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, but the recent violence has caused communities to hunker down again during the normally celebratory time of Lunar New Year.

The increase in hate incidents is a particular concern in urban areas, especially in New York and California. However, activists are angered not only by the violence but by the lack of media attention the cases received. It is deemed unclear to police whether the spate of crimes are racially motivated, however, the similarity and volume of the attacks speak to an increased bias rather than a series of individual events.

UPDATED: Washtenaw County Health Department is postponing all scheduled COV…

UPDATED: Washtenaw County Health Department is postponing all scheduled COVID-19 vaccination appointments for Tues., Feb 16. All appointments will be rescheduled. Washtenaw County has closed all non-essential operations due to the winter storm and dangerous conditions. The vaccination site at EMU Convocation Center will be closed. Vaccine information is available at www.washtenaw.org/covid19vaccine. Individuals who cannot…

Wednesday, February 24 at 7 pm…

Wednesday, February 24 at 7 pm Fighting White Supremacy: From Charlottesville to Capitol Hill Join a conversation between Integrity First for America Executive Director Amy Spitalnick and State Representative Felicia Brabec, with opening remarks by Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney Eli Savit. This discussion will explore the path from Charlottesville to the Capitol; how this movement of violent…

We're ready!…

We're ready! Reposted from @mippadvocates Thank you, @AmandaCGorman, for your voice and wisdom. "For while we have our eyes on the future, history has its eyes on us." Let us be brave as we write this new chapter. #equalityingovernment #government #michigan #United #unitedstates #unity #wednesdaywisdom #politics #amandagorman #poetlaureate See our original post at Facebook

What is QAnon?

QAnon started creeping into mainstream media on the coattails of the Russian disinformation campaign that targeted US elections in 2016. Recent social media and opinion polls indicate there are at least hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who believe in at least some of the bizarre theories offered up by QAnon. Wikipedia states that between March and June 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, QAnon activity nearly tripled on Facebook and nearly doubled on Instagram and Twitter.[76] By that time, QAnon had spread to Europe, from the Netherlands to the Balkan Peninsula. It maintains an especially strong following in Germany.

Two of three GOP candidates that have been sympathetic or supportive of the group have been elected to Congress: Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Congressional candidate for Georgia’s 14th district seat, and Lauren Boebert, who beat a Trump-backed, five-term incumbent during primary elections for Colorado’s 3rd district. The Hill reported that as early as May 2019, the FBI identified conspiracy theories as to potential domestic terrorism threats, specifically identifying QAnon as stated in their document.