Project 2025

Project 2025 is a document representing a far-right vision for America. It was prepared by conservative, white Christian groups under right-wing think tank The Heritage Foundation, who say, “it is not enough for conservatives to win elections. If we are going to rescue the country from the grip of the radical Left, we need both a governing agenda and the right people in place, ready to carry this agenda out on Day One of the next conservative Administration.”

Wear Orange this Weekend!

Though it seemed to get lost in the coverage, Donald Trump promised the NRA at a May rally that he would repeal all of Biden’s gun safety actions. He said, Dan Pfeiffer wants us to remember, that “in my second term, we will roll back every Biden attack on the Second Amendment.”

Denounce this by participating in Wear Orange Weekend 2024! It begins on Friday, June 7, the 10th National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Wear or hold anything orange (e.g., a pin, a scarf, an orange) to make an “End Gun Violence” statement.

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

According to Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the month of May was chosen for 2 reasons: it honors the first immigration of Japanese immigrants on May 7, 1843, and May 10 is the anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. Most of the workers who laid the tracks were Chinese immigrants. Here are some news and events that you might have missed!